Vive is amazing!!

My roommate bought The Vive, and we have been playing it for the last few hours. Thus far, it is quite enjoyable. While I do not know if I personally would have spent the money upgrading and getting the headset, I can fully say that after playing it… I was not disappointed with the experience.

The games we’ve played thus far have only been Vanishing Realms (Hack and Slash Adventure), Space Jack (Oculus game/Space Shooter) and Hollow Point (Archery).

To explain the excitement of playing the game properly, let’s just say that it feels like the next logical step after Nintendo’s Wii Console, and while it is only a fraction as enjoyable to watch someone play as it is to actually play it, it is still rather entertaining to see someone crawl around reading books, flailing a sword around, and dodging energy blasts.

While VR has me speculating how exciting simple games like laser tag could be, playing Space Jack immediately had me wondering how amazing a Halo game would be. While playing Space Jack, it felt like atoned down mech from say… Avatar? What should have jumped immediately into my mind was that this is what Star Fox should be, and it makes me want to play new genre of games I personally do not enjoy that much… such as Star Fox.

Seriously… VR is the future, even if it is just to enhance already existing games… and should totally be worth it in the long run, but I personally would wait until prices go down… if only to upgrade my PC.

Expect more videos and blogs about HTC Vibe in the near future.


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