James Rolfe refusses to see New Ghostbusters movie

James Rolfe, best known as ‘The Angry Video Game Nerd,’ released a video earlier today where he announced that since the new Ghostbusters movie looks terrible, especially when compared to the visual effects of the original 1984 movie, he is refusing to give the movie any support.

He will not review or watch the movie. He also goes in depth on where he believes they went wrong with calling it Ghostbusters.

Is Mr. Rolf sexist for not wanting to watch this movie? No Sony, he isn’t. He can tell when something isn’t up to his standards as a movie buff, a horror buff, and of course a Ghostbusters fan. Check out his video that is linked below, and make sure to watch his upcoming video on what happened to Ghostbusters 3.


I also did an article last week on Why I wont be watching it, which is found here: https://netsenshi.wordpress.com/2016/05/14/why-i-probably-wont-see-ghostbusters-in-theater/ and it has a video on a lot of the behind the scene stuff that got us to where the franchise is today.


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