My opinions about Ghostbusters, again.

I feel like my post the other day about why I am not excited anymore for Ghostbusters needed some more fleshing out. I still like the videos that I shared from youtube, so still please check those out on my earlier post before reading this one.

Patty-Tolan-ghostbusters-2016-39358140-200-200I think that The New Ghostbusters movie, which I’m calling it because I do not want to refer to it as the All Female Ghostbusters movie, wont be pushing the envelope very far. Patty, like Winston, is not a scientist. It is 2016, and you chose the black character to not be smart, and is instead sassy? Strike one.

Strike two? Melissa McCarthy and Paul Feig. I admit to not seeing most of their works, but what I have seen… isn’t promising. Feig had McCarthy speak crassly and there were some jokes at the expense of her body in their, movie Spy. I had trouble finishing it because of that. In the other film that I saw of McCarthy’s, Identity Thief, she… get this, was crass… and there were jokes at her expense because she is fat and disgusting? That’s funny?

I actually liked Identity Thief, but it’s 2016, and jokes at the expense of over weight people make me sad. She also played Chris Farley’s Matt Foley on SNL’s 40th anniversary… so I’m going to go ahead and be as liberal about this as possible… TRIGGER!

So what is Strike three? Is it how we got this movie? No, I wont hold that against the people who actually made the movie. Is it the all female cast? Despite not being my pick, which would be the amazing Tina Fey and… well… anyone. She’s awesome, so let’s just say the cast from 30 Rock or The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? Close, but not quite. The fact that the trailer doesn’t look all that great? No.

The Third Strike is the fact that Sony manipulated their Youtube trailer comments page to get rid of most of the negative feedback about their trailer that was not sexist. They kept the sexist messages in order to get feminist bloggers to pick the story up, and help spin the narrative that everyone not seeing the movie are just a bunch of asshole women haters.

Screw you SONY. My parents broke up when I was 12 and my mom raised me through out High School. Before that, she literally saved my life when I was a child when I almost drowned. I will not allow anyone to spin that narrative about me. I love and respect women, and I am not seeing your movie because of that.

I will, however, watch the heck out of your movie for $1 maybe from Redbox? It could be good, it might get women into liking a franchise that I like, and this fan re-cut trailer looks a ton better than the actual one?


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