I changed a few things

I changed my theme, the order of the widgets, and I painstakingly replaced my old terrible header for a new one. Let’s take a look of the process of that!


First, I took cosplay images from the last few years, shrunk them down to 5% of their original size, rotated them to the left a little bit, and then collaged the heck out of them!


Then, I of course added a filter, slapped on my name, and then repurposed a characture of myself that was a transparent .png, like so!


That would have been very easy, but then half of my guy was lost due to it not being the right size, and then a cropping issue… so I resized, and reworked…


I really loved this one, and it took me longer than the final solution. Despite being corrected and up to their size requirements, it still cropped weirdly despite looking good when I tested it. So I abandoned it, re-worked the earlier one, and that’s where we are today.

Yeah… a lof of it is still missing, but I knew how it was going to auto-crop, for the most part, so yeah… Maybe I will fix things later? Why is something so easy to make so difficult to fix?

Anyways, I hope that the few people who keep up with my blog like the new layout and header!


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