My Thoughts on Street Fighter V, thus far.

Street Fighter V has been a debacle. From a botched beta to missing features such as Arcade and a real Story Mode, things haven’t been promising. Capcom recently appologized, said that they wer going to continue working on the future updates to the game, and said that this wont happen again. That’s awesome, but It made me wonder a few things, namely… how easy would it have been for Capcom to get this game right?sfv

The game retails for $60, correct? They could have digitally released with less than this and just had an arcade mode for $20-$30. Call it Street Fighter V Arcade mode. Explain that more is on the way in the Home Edition. Would people be upset that there was not more meat for that price point? Possibly, but remember, people paid $60 for the original 16 characters.


Early Access is a thing on Steam for a reason, and you can pay to play games that aren’t finished. Essentially, that is what Street Fighter V is. It’s an early access game that is, for some reason, on console and PC. Crazy world we live in, huh? Here is hoping that the next installment of SNK’s King of Fighters goes smoother.


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