Happy MerMonday everyone! To celebrate this day right, I commissioned the wonderful web comic artist Kittyhawk from Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki to make this beautiful picture below!

Wait, who is this? If it wasn’t blatantly obvious, it is a rule 63 of The Little Mermaid’s flounder! I showed Kitty a simple/rough photo manipulation I had done while conceptualizing Floun… er… Floundera? no wait… that sounds too much like Thundercat’s planet Thundera. Fem Flounder? In it I included Ursala’s shell necklace, but Ms. Hawk went a step further with the earrings that matched. Why did I choose Flounder, and why rule 63’ed?

I saw a list a while back on Disney princesses as princes, and saw a male Ariel with an adorable female Flounder. While Flounder was cute, it did make me sad about the lost opportunity there. What would a complete role reversal look like?

Google, surprisingly, failed to show that, and that was why I did a mock up proof of concept, and eventually had to commission this piece. Girl Flounder had to exist, and more importantly… she had to be shown to the world.

The above image was the end results, and I’m pretty happy about it. Do I expect others to like this image and want to do fan art based on this idea, now that it exists? Maybe? Will I end up having to commission more art of her, possibly with some sort of a sinister grim dark scenario of why she is a mermaid and what happened to Ariel? Maybe?

Anyways, what does everyone think of the concept as well as the artwork?


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