The Mermaids of Orange Beach, AL

Artwork found at Live Bait, which is a restaurant and bar

Unlike last time I went to beautiful Orange Beach, Alabama, this time I actually came back with a few mermaid sightings. True, it is still no where near as many as I should have seen, but come on. This is Alabama! I still have to make people believe that there is a beach there, let alone mermaid stuff! Below as well as to the left are some mermaids I found while my family did karaoke at a restaurant/bar called Live Bait.
Incidentally, Live Bait is always one of our favorite places to go when visiting Alabama. I really wish that they would have had the mermaid shirt available for purchase.

IMG_20160616_190806I discovered this boat while on a Dolphin Cruise. Wild Hearts does Dolphin cruises as well as other types I’m sure, and they give a 10% military discount and give to wounded warrior, and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Their mermaid mascot is nifty, but would it kill them to allow us to see the entire design? Where is it on the internet even? I linked to their site, but even ther I can’t find the entire mermaid!

Oh well… she is cute though.

Below are some mermaids that I found at a gift shop:

That is everything about the mermaids I saw this last week from my vacation. Sadly, the shirt from the gift shop was also out as well, so no cool mermaid swag this time. Anyways, keep on swimming all of you wonderful mermaid fans!


One thought on “The Mermaids of Orange Beach, AL

  1. Living mermaids do exist in Orange Beach and there’s not just one! Please see dolphin Queen cruises.. private private boat tours that you get to go in search of the mermaid and once found you get to swim with her learn mermaid signs and maybe even be given one of her special bracelets see our Facebook page mermaids of Orange Beach for more details and we hope to see you next year!

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