Sega Saturn: Amazing, Rare, and Exotic

IMG_20160619_151935I recently bought a Sega Saturn, and now I’ve been reminded of who I was during that time period. In 1995, Sega Saturn came out, and I was 10.

I went from Nintendo’s SNES to Playstation. That.. well… ended horribly when my system stopped reading discs. I barely touched the SNES at the time because there was some problems with my personal unit. Outside of that experience, I mostly sat on the sidelines until I bought a Gameboy used years later, and finally an N64 in high school that I got rid of for a Dreamcast, etc.

So what was Sega Saturn to me? I remember going camping, and seeing games in magazines that I wanted to play, mainly Capcom’s Marvel comic’s fighting games. I was a pre-teen, and my parents were a few years from breaking up, and I just wasn’t huge into video games back then… but damn it, every time I saw something amazing, rare, and exotic in a magazine, it was Sega Saturn and imported games.

Thus far, I’ve slightly over paid for things, and I only have X-Men: Children of The Atom. Hrmm… turns out Saturn games are expensive too. That’s the rare part biting me in the ass.

I want to build a collection, but also I hear that the system is super easy to mod for. I might attempt to play as many games, however I can. I will buy X-men vs. Street fighter and Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter at the very least.


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