Who is your fictional bestfriend/roommate?

In 2004, Jerry Seinfeld had some commercials for American Express where Superman was his best friend.

Remembering these commercials made me ask the obvious question, who would you want to have as your fictional roommate/best friend. Let’s go over some obvious choices.

Han-Solo5Han Solo. He seems like the greatest guy to party with, until it sets in how difficult it would be to keep up with this guy! Han Solo may not have created the dine and dash, but you know he’s perfected it, rent is always late, and you know your girlfriend would cheat on you to sleep with this guy! Maybe that’s the real reason Jabba hated Han so much?

30 Rock - Season 7Liz Lemon from 30 Rock? Tina Fey is a beautiful woman, and if you are a woman looking for a feminist roommate, than maybe she is ideal for you… until you realize that she is a slob and will eat you out of house and home. Elizabeth is very baby crazy, has crazy friends, and her taste in men is just, the worst.

genma-003Genma Saotome, from Ranma 1/2? Like Elizabeth Lemon, Genma is a bit slobbish and like Han he owes people a lot of money. While a better friend than a roommate, his calligraphy hobby might be annoying, but Genma would be a great wingman. Think about it for a moment. You would probably end up with 5 women who would think that they are engaged with you, and he’d turn into a panda and pretend to be your pet just to get women for you. That’s a real wingman right there, and if he could just pay rent, Genma Saotome would be the best choice. Dude needs a job.


Shaggy Roggers. Shaggy is a packaged deal with both Scooby and his creepy van. Just looking at him, you know that his go to line to women is “Do you want to check out my puppy? He’s in my van!” While not actually a stoner, expect to get stopped by police as much as if he were one. Living with Shaggy would be terrible. The house would be filled with empty food containers from take out, wigs and dresses from disguises also littering the floor, and shaggy would refuse to clean because he thinks that the closet that has the vaccume cleaner in it is haunted. REALLY Shaggy? The same one I caught you and your girlfriend Velma hiding in is also haunted? Sure. Pretty sure your girlfriend is cheating on you with Daphne, but whatever.


C-3PO and R2-D2? They both require a very small amount of living space, but 3PO is the worst roommate. Any living situation with him becomes The Odd Couple, where you get to be Oscar to his Felix. R2-D2 is an awesome guy, and if he wants to crash on your couch, that’s fine, but these two are a packaged deal! If being R2’s friend means a life time of having to put up with 3PO’s constantly correcting your grammar and complaining about your driving, it might not be worth it. If it is worth it to you though, he would probably be great at ordering food at French restaurants, and he can translate manga as well, but you know he’d judge you while doing so.

Luna-Artemis-and-Diana-luna-artemis-and-diana-24497042-314-235_5084Ultimately, I think my fictional best friend/roommate would have to be Luna from Sailor Moon. she’s low maintenance, and you get all of the perks of having a pet with none of the responsibility. She can impress your friends by doing backflips as she summons magical items, such as the universal remote. She’s only human when she is with her boyfriend, so there wouldn’t be any sexual tension, and her daughter from the future isn’t too terribly annoying. The main downside is that she wants to hang out with underage Japanese girls, and that’s a little weird, but whatever. She might also be able to play video games, or at least be okay with watching you play them, considering how much time she spends at arcades. That’s a definite plus in my book!


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