The Search for Fem Flounder

smallerflounderA little while ago, I shared a picture that I commissioned Kittyhawk to do for me of a mermaid version of Flounder from The Little Mermaid. One of the main reasons that I had to request it, was because I had never seen it before, and could not find it anywhere. While searching, here are some of the things that I found.

Nippy 13What if Flounder….

So close! This artist has a lot of really awesome Little Mermaid pics in their gallery that they have done, so even though flounder is a merman in this picture, it was totally worth discovering.

thedcontinuum –
Princess Erica? I dunno. There are quite a few articles with shopped images of gender bent Disney characters. Deffinately worth checking out, even if Eric is no female mermaid Flounder.

Not quite sure the original source on this one, but if I find out I will update this article. So Flounder is a little gay for Eric? Or is he imagining what Eric and Ariel making out would look like? No clue.

VivytheKiwi Ariel Flounder Cosplay Croatia
Female flounder, but is she a mermaid? Sadly, while Shigeko_Kari makes a pretty flounder, something isn’t fishy with her outfit. Interesting take on Flounder’s hairstyle.

MimiReavesGuppy Scouts of Atlantica!
Cosplayer Mimi Reaves makes a really cute Flounder.

LoserX2GodAriel and Flounder Genderbend Disney

This one is a really adorable, but no mermaid.

daekazuThe Little Merman
One of the things that is SUPER annoying about finding this piece during my search, besides how close it is to having a gender bent mermaid Flounder, is that I had never seen it before even though I already followed daekazu! *Sigh*

Maybe artists will pick up on Mermaid flounder eventually, as I can not afford to comission enough artists to completely flood the internet with her… yet. Happy Mer-Monday/4th of July everyone!


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