Over The Garden Wall

My roommate and I just finished Over The Garden Wall thanks to 2 free months of Hulu thanks to my recently acquired Xbox One. So, what did I think of this late 2014 mini-series from Cartoon Network?

Over the Garden Wall is 10 episodes, each one 12 minutes long including the opening and credits. 100 or more minutes to tell a story might make you feel like OTGW is a movie that has been chopped up for television, and while it is true that it has the quality in visuals, music, and writing for a direct to TV movie, OTGW is far too disjointed feeling to be that.2492_over_the_garden_wall

The show is about two boys walking in the woods as they attempt to find their way home. Along the way, they meet interesting characters, some even joining them for an episode or more, all the while a mysterious beast lingers in the background.

Each episode is a chapter, and like say, Adventure Time, sometimes we are not given all of the information on how characters ended up exactly where they were, and while that was weird once or twice, it doesn’t ruin the story.

At the end of this ambitious mini-series, I was begging for more, despite the characters all obtaining some level of closure by the final credits.

Over The Garden Wall is hard to describe. The show feels like it was equal parts fan service and labor of love, while feeling like it existed because it wanted to exist and nothing more. It’s almost like they threw so much good in there, including a phenomenal voice cast that includes Elijah Wood, Melanie Lynskey, Tim Curry, John Cleece, Christopher Lloyd, etc. But ultimately it didn’t have enough meat to satisfy my hunger.


OTGW could have easily been a book series or an ongoing show, but it is not and will never be either of those things. It’s fine as it is, and hopefully given time, I will be okay with that.


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