Ghostbusters comes out today.

Ghostbusters comes out, technically on Friday, which means Thursday at probably 7, people can choose to either watch or not watch this reboot of the 1984 movie. Will it be good, or will it suck? Celebrities have said that the movie is good, while reviewers on YouTube have painted another picture. Some reviewers were embargoed until opening day, while some who saw it were not. I tend to believe the YouTubeers on this one, but what really made me say “Hey, this movie probably sucks,” was webcomic creator Kittyhawk’s tweet:


Here are a couple of reviews that I saw online from YouTubers:

Kevin Smith seemed to like the movie.

Lauren Faust, the woman who adapted the latest version of My Little Pony, retweeted this postfrom @Roonaymara of girls dressed from movies with the stars from said movies.


One of my largest fears, is that the character Patty will be treated like similarly to Winston, as she is African American and a non-scientist.


A lot of the publicity shots and posters have her off to the side or in the background. What’s weird is that the Japanese poster, which has some bad lighting on her, is one of the few pics of her properly lined up with her caucasian co-stars.


If this movie fails, no one really wins. If this movie succeeds, maybe these little girls win? I can’t help but think that little girls deserve better the best. For their sake, I hope that this movie isn’t one step forward and two steps back.

I’m not going to watch this movie in theaters, what everyone else does is their own business.


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