Metroid II remake gets DMCA

Der. Sorry everyone, but it was bound to happen. Here is my reply to a post about it on Kotaku, and I stand by it.

Nintendo has unfortunately preserved this game in exactly the way they had intended it to be preserved… purchasable on the 3DS shop. This project literally competes with a current product that Nintendo is selling. It sucks, but maybe this guy should have gone through the correct channels after making the first few areas and asked Nintendo for permission? CRAZY IDEA, I know, but that is how video games are made, right?

Fans, please stop doing these beautiful labors of love! Nintendo doesn’t love you as much as they love money because love wont keep them afloat! Seriously! It doesn’t matter if it is a Zelda fan movie or a game remake, NINTENDO WILL  TRY TO SHUT YOU DOWN.

Unless you are a rom hack. *Cough* The Legend of Zelda: Parallel Worlds.

On another note, Final Fantasy VII was remade years back as an NES game and released illegally in China. Eventually, it was translated. That wasn’t legal either, but seeing as there was a physical release, and emulation/ROM’s will apparently never go away, that will last while sadly this remake may disappear off the face of The Earth.



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