Thoughtlessly Geeky

Thoughtlessly Geeky

Harley1Harley Quinn is sexy, and sells a lot of merchandise. These facts are not subtle at all in 2016. At my new/local Think Geek, they have a standee of Harley Quinn next to some merchandise of the character. While this might be partially due to the ‘success’ of the new Suicide movie, I do want to point out that this is not that incarnation of the character. This is in fact the one that started in Batman Arkham City.

When I first saw this display, I had to make sure that it wasn’t a real doll that was dresed in her clothing that might be sold there or at Hot Topic. Why would I have to do that? Well… because she sort looks like one at certain angles!


My feelings towards Harley are, weird. I hate her over sexualization since Batman The Animated series, however I do love how far the characters come since then in the sense that she is in a better mental state since then. I do have one gripe about her costumes, which this is much more of one than the Suicide Squad incarnation. Please, please, please! Stop putting this acrobatic character in corsets! It really is unrealistic and mean!

For more on Harley Quinn, please watch this awesome video I found from YouTuber Lockstin / Gnoggin


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