Moody Monday

31292_10150161006530526_710545525_12055677_4259221_nIn 2010 I took a trip to Japan with three friends and one of their co-workers. That year was one of the most interesting times in my life for different reasons.

I keep coming back to the same thoughts though, year after year.

Will I Ever Go Back?

Who Will I Go Back With?

A few years prior to my Japan trip, I took a solo vacation to Disney World that was well… terribly thought out. I just opened the door and started walking towards the airport. The trip was terrible, and ended earlier than it should have, but thankfully did because I ended up with a Kidney stone that next day.

japancastWhy I bring that up, is because the who you go with part is more important than if you go. It’s something that I think a lot of people over look. It’s also why I had never gone to Japan before 2010, as well as why I can’t really go now.

It was such an amazing moment in time that allowed for that trip to happen, you know? The older I get, the less likely it will ever happen again, as friends get married, have kids, and buy houses. Maybe I will one day get a significant other who will one day want to go to Japan, and that will be my way back to the land of the rising sun, but what are the chances of that happening? Below are some collages that I made a long time ago about this trip… so it’s sort of a gallery of galleries? I dunno. Enjoy?

Maybe I’ll go back before the 2020 Olympics ruin the country with their influx of us gaijin tourists?


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