Happy MerKate Monday!

Today is a very special MerMonday, as I went into the ocean’s pool’s depths for this exclusive (to everyone who attended last weekend’s Delta H Con) appearance by a genuine Merperson!

Okay, so as the tile image shows, all I did was dip a foot in the water with her, which was SUPER SCARY considering that, as we all know, most if not all nautical deaths are due to mermaids.


As we all know, eating a mermaid’s flesh can make one immortal. Somehow, possibly due to all of the others in her audience, I resisted the urge to devour the tail piece she handed us.


Seeing Mermaid Kate was a true highlight of the convention for me, and I really do hope  MerKate, also known in the cosplay community as Lady Kate Cosplay,comes back next year. Also, if you were curious what she looks like when she is not a mermaid… well, here you go.


I snapped this photo right before the VIP mixer. Her look of surprise tells me that she was clearly onto the fact that I still sought immortality. Alas, another day.

For more pictures that I took of her at Delta H, visit my album here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/netsenshi/sets/72157672709766196


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