Can we put Archer’s Pam into every video game?


I watched my feminist waifu Anita Sarkeesian’s latest Tropes vs. Women video on the lack of different female body types in games, and I honestly agree with her. We need a larger diversity of playable female characters. Sexy women with killer curves are fun, but you know what’s more fun? Beatting the holy hell out of someone with a character that others want to make fun of but can’t. In short, we need Pam from FXX’s Archer. The woman is an unstoppable tank, especially when she’s addicted to cocaine. Shocking Bum fights anyone? She really is a bad ass and despite working in HR, she is probably one of the better fighters that the now defunct ISIS* has.

Or how about Miss Skullnick from Star vs. The Forces of Evil? She would fit right in with either Mortal Kombat or Guilty Gear!Missskullnick.png

Anyways, Happy Feminist Friday everyone! For Anita Sarkeesian’s video, please go here:

*Isis was the original name of the spy agency BEFORE there was a terrorist organization.


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