_ml_p2p_pc_badge_tallest15Ah, October. With Halloween at the end of the month, I figured I would do my part in showcasing some interesting costumes to dress up as this year. With a new season of Supergirl starting next week, let’s start with… wait. Why is Supergirl’s “S” backwards?s How do you manage that? Her own solo images also show it as backwards?! On the Party City page for the costume, it at least shows that the “S” is correct on the costume it self… except… wait… gold trim? Huh. Not bad… but I totally missed that detail when zoomed out. She still has boots for a stripper though, and she has more cleavage than I particularly care for with someone using the ‘Girl’ name, but then again I’m a fan of Spider-Girl’s outfit that covers the entire body. At least they didn’t go with the croptop version of this outfit, considering that this is billed as a couple’s costume… which has me rolling my eyes at it’s potential for  incest jokes.


accessory Party City has an entire page devoted to Kara Zor El for women, not girls. All of that is weird, considering that there are some pretty accurate versions of the character under the girls section, what is even more surprising it that the accessory kit to the right is not under the women’s section. So I guess that must mean that it’s marketed to… teenage girls who need to know that all you need for a Supergirl costume is boobs and a cape so this kit has you covered? I dunno.

adultsupergirlThe worst offender for adult versions of the character is the “Adult Anime Supergirl Costume – Superman” Which there is so much wrong with that statement. So this is Supergirl’s costume from when she is an adult on some hit Japanese girlssupergirldresscartoon, but on Superman who is doing drag? Okay. I totally buy it… I mean, not literally, I’m not buying anything.

Sadly none of Party City’s costumes focus on the TV version of Supergirl, which is unfortunate. Like I said above, the children’s selections of costumes for Supergirl are a lot closer to the character for the most part, while some are well… closer to being Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel more so then Kara Danvers Supergirl. Still a cute costume for kids though!

I might take another look at Supergirl sometime closer to Halloween. BTW: Why is there no Power Girl or Super Woman costumes on Party City’s website? Isn’t that weird?


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