Disney Star upset about Mermade-ification?

demi-lovato-mermaid-fan-artRecently, a fan drew former Disney Star Demi Lovato as a mermaid, and told people it was cool to share the image around. She eventually responded by saying that the picture was pretty but that he hadn’t drawn her. What she meant was that the image was a thinner version of her and her boobs were wrong, etc.

The internet turned this into a whole outrage/kerfuffle, as the internet does. Here is the original exchange between Vlad and Lovato:


bodycomparisonLovato apparently has body issues, which makes sense considering she is a you7ng woman who first gained fame by working with Disney. The idea that she was basically drawn with a more sexualized body can be considered offensive.

Artistically, I’m reminded of a panel I attended at a convention from Amelie Belcher, where she described one of her drawings of Benedict Cumberbatch as a characture, despite the fact that it looked realistically a lot like him. I’d argue that that is kind of what is going on here, and while some would be flattered about it, this particular celebrity was not and we need to move on.

Below is the Mundane Matt video where he goes on about this situation. It’s where I first learned about the situation, and is deffinately worth a watch. Happy MerMonday everyone!


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