I realize now why Donald wants to be President

aotdWhy is Donald Trump running for President at age 70? Does he only now care about ‘making America great again?’ Why President? He could have more influence running for Governor, Senator, etc. like Jessie Ventura, Al Franken, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Schwarzeneggar cared so much about our youth that he teamed up with the president to try and help today’s well… not youth anymore, to fight obesity.

The closest thing that Trump did was give money to this supposed ‘Killary’ person, and have Trump University teach today’s adults that it’s easy to prey upon naive people. I honestly think that Trump doesn’t seek power even, although that will be ‘fun’ for him, but he seeks legacy. Buildings come and go, and ‘TRUMP’ being outside of them wont last forever… but as a President?

the-animaniacs-presidents-songBAM! He’s in the history book, cartoon characters are singing songs about him, he becomes part of a child’s acronym for the order of the Presidents, etc.

Donald doesn’t want to make America great again, he wants to make himself great again. In 30 years, Donal Trump will most likely be dead. Hell, he could be dead in half that time. Trump isn’t dumb in that regard, and this is one of the only things that money can not 100% guarantee him.

New York Senator Hillary Clinton (L) lisThis assessment alone does not make him a bad person, although I do believe that he and Hillary Clinton might fit that adjective quite well.

Hell, Clinton herself wants to go down in history as our first female president REALLY bad. Heck, why should President Obama be the only one to be a first, am I right?

Neither candidate’s reason for running is a very good one, and that makes me sad. I don’t think Gary Johnson will win this election. His idea of preventing the 270 electoral votes each one needs to be President so The House of Representatives can decide who will be President is adorable. The House of Representatives apparently hates both so clearly he is the best man for the job, right?

George W. BushWhen Al Gore and George W. Bush ran for president, and the Electoral College decided that Bush was to be The US’s 43rd POTUS, 1/2 the population was upset. Do you really think that the House of Representatives wants to piss off over half of our country?

gary-johnson-2016-1If they did, that would be historic too, I suppose. I honestly think that that wont happen, but if it did… Gary Johnson would only last the one term until we have real candidates.

This election will be historic for someone I suppose.

I don’t really know how to end this post so… well… I’m just going to end it with some wishful thinking for the future.



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