Millennials, get your shit together.

Listen, Trump won. It sucks for a lot of us who are POC trans gay Muslim snowflakes, we all get that. Get your shit together. I’m on the older end of the millennial spectrum. I saw both towers fall down on 9/11 and when we went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan, part of me thought that there would be a draft. You know what I did? I kept going to school. What did I do on Wednesday? I kept going to work.

Seriously, get your shit together. How are we the generation who was going to change the world when we can’t take a little bit of bad news? Seriously. Hilary didn’t deserve to be president because she thought she could rig literally every thing in her favor because she was entitled to the role because… her husband had it and Obama had it last time?

Where was my safe space and day off with a cup of hot cocoa and some counciling when I lost literally, not figuratively, thousands of dollars in 2008? Huh?

Grow up kids. You are in college now, for flying spaghetti monster’s sake.


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