There are mermaids in Orange Beach, Al

mermaidcrossingI stand corrected… or… more informed? I had previously posted about all of the mermaid related things in Orange Beach that I had come across during my visit there this last Summer. I was later by Lori Deangelis of Dolphin Queen Cruises that there were, in fact mermaids in Orange Beach.

The next time my family goes there for vacation, I will have to hit up Dolphin Queen Cruises, as apparently once the cruise finds the mermaid, you are allowed to swim with her. That is awesome, but I would like to remind everyone that mermaids are responsible for every single nautical death, swimming with one is flirting with disaster, and more importantly… I have seen a shark off of a pier in Orange Beach last year, so… yeah…. Here’s hoping that you can swim faster than she can?


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