Terror Tuesday’s are a thing here now?

ANTIBAN.pngTerrorism has won. We are a country that is terrified. We may pass executive orders and eventually even laws, but never forget that we are doing that because we are terrified.
When being accosted at the airport wasn’t enough, we decided that maybe things would be safer if we allowed no one from a Muslim dominant country should be allowed in, even though those born on foreign soil attacked us almost 16 years ago.
In fact, NO ONE from the countries of the people who attacked us on 9-11-01 has been banned, cause there is oil there.
Also, remember that Boston and Orlando were done by Americans, never forget that.
Thank you Trump for Making America Great Again to 2001. Next week kids, he’s going to take us back to the 40’s with a World War against… hmm… let’s say China? Maybe we should throw Mexicans and Muslims into some sort of camp while we are at it? It has already been suggested!
Maybe Russia will be our allies in the war if it happens on Throwback Thursday?
Every day I wake up in Trump’s America I am terrified. Not of some foreign threat but of the decay of our countries morality.

Adventurous Merman Time!

atmermaidsCome on grab some friends, cause Adventure Time Islands is/was a thing! It came out first to DVD, and it might be currently airing, but in this Adventure Time special, we get to see at least two instances of merfolk. The first one was on the title screen with Finnd Jake. Nothing really to talk about on this one, but hey… it’s something.

jmerThe second occurrence is when Jake transforms himself into a sail boat. He ends up going all out, and transforms his head main region into that of a traditional mermaid ornament you see on old boats from time to time. What are those things called? It’s like a hood ornament but for boats, ya know?

Anyways, I apologize for not updating in a while, but I’ve been having PC problems. Also, expect next week’s update for Mer-Monday to have to deal with a cartoon as well. Anyways, catch everyone later!

Saturday Evening Anime


I watched Sailor Moon R: The Movie in theater today. Twice. It’s my least favorite of the movies, but I did it. I will get into a review tomorrow about it, but when I went they gave me a black envelope. Suspicious. I was going to save it for forever, maybe under glass alongside the fliers they had for the movie, but said screw it. I dug into it, and had a friend record that part after the second viewing.

Apparently they aren’t okay with people recording outside of the theaters afterwords. Oh… hmm… well, it’s ads basically. It’s something, but it’s not like… a Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh! card that was exclusive to watching those movies back in the day. Then again this movie did originally come out in 1993, so at least I got something?

“Throwback Goodness”

I accidentally won Throwback Thursday with one picture. I took this one just to show that I was drinking the Hi-C Ecto Cooler, not realizing that it was Throwback Thursday. I saved them intentionally for ‘a better time’ and yeah… so what’s all so throwback in my photo, and how sad does it make me about my life?
Well, The Little Mermaid poster, Sailor Moon Wall Scroll, Simpsons T-Shirt hanging up, No One Lives Forever PC box, Macha from Dot Hack, a little bit of red from my Neo Geo marquee, and that’s about it I suppose, as you can very barely see the power ranger helmets behind my binder that a high school student would have. OH SNAP! Blue Ranger is totally visible but hidden! MLP Fan art doesn’t count nor does Justice League calendar.

So yeah… living in the past because Donald Trump’s Presidency starts tomorrow? Seriously, be safe everyone.

Waifu so Strong!

02-18_-_susan_strong-mp4This Waifu Wednesday is all about Susan Strong from Adventure Time. A large part of Susan’s allure is that her true nature is shrouded in mystery. Is she human? If so, is she into Fin? How is she so freakishly strong?

We later learn *spoilers* about Susan’s true *spoilers* in the last two episodes of season 7 of  Adventure Time. Susan turns out to have a *spoilers* on her *spoilers*! Amazing right?

s3e14_susan_finn_you_stayI really like Susan, and I hope we so much more of her. She is strong but gentle at the same time. Simple, but not, ya know? You want to protect her, but it’s totally cool if she protects you instead… in other words, the perfect waifu for this Waifu Wednesday!

Tutorial Tuesday

I like art, and thus when I do look for tutorials, SURPRISE, they end up being something art-based. Here are a few ones that I found below!
ABrandonToThePast – How To Make Pokemon Perler Art!

Art ala Carte – How to draw a cartoon female head

Elise G. – How to draw adventure time style

LaurelRayeArt – Draw Yourself Adventure Time Style! Female

LaurelRayeArt – Draw Yourself Adventure Time Style! Male

That’s it for today’s tutorials. Maybe next time I will find some tutorials from, well.. god knows where (probably Youtube).