Waifu so Strong!

02-18_-_susan_strong-mp4This Waifu Wednesday is all about Susan Strong from Adventure Time. A large part of Susan’s allure is that her true nature is shrouded in mystery. Is she human? If so, is she into Fin? How is she so freakishly strong?

We later learn *spoilers* about Susan’s true *spoilers* in the last two episodes of season 7 of  Adventure Time. Susan turns out to have a *spoilers* on her *spoilers*! Amazing right?

s3e14_susan_finn_you_stayI really like Susan, and I hope we so much more of her. She is strong but gentle at the same time. Simple, but not, ya know? You want to protect her, but it’s totally cool if she protects you instead… in other words, the perfect waifu for this Waifu Wednesday!


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