“Throwback Goodness”

I accidentally won Throwback Thursday with one picture. I took this one just to show that I was drinking the Hi-C Ecto Cooler, not realizing that it was Throwback Thursday. I saved them intentionally for ‘a better time’ and yeah… so what’s all so throwback in my photo, and how sad does it make me about my life?
Well, The Little Mermaid poster, Sailor Moon Wall Scroll, Simpsons T-Shirt hanging up, No One Lives Forever PC box, Macha from Dot Hack, a little bit of red from my Neo Geo marquee, and that’s about it I suppose, as you can very barely see the power ranger helmets behind my binder that a high school student would have. OH SNAP! Blue Ranger is totally visible but hidden! MLP Fan art doesn’t count nor does Justice League calendar.

So yeah… living in the past because Donald Trump’s Presidency starts tomorrow? Seriously, be safe everyone.


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