Bans and Deportation in Trump’s America.

So I fall somewhere on the ethnicity spectrum of being Hispanic enough for poor white college students to blame me for why they can’t afford college, and white enough that black bus drivers have to warn me to take a cab back to a hotel instead of walking a couple of miles. My name is very Irish. Maybe too Irish to be real.

In Trump’s America, could I be questioned, detained, etc? Deported because the reduced requirements to hire people of good judgement do not believe that a man with a tan has the same initials that protect your skin from the sun during summer?

More importantly, if I am having these thoughts, what are the thoughts of people who are in ‘worse shape’ than I? I love my country but I hate every single day of living in Trump’s America.


Coney Island Brewing Co – Mermaid Pilsner

Happy MerMonday everyone! Last week I took a journey to the far north east of our beautiful country, well, my beautiful country at least, in order to press my lips up against a mermaid’s mouth. That is, I tried out Coney Island Brewing Co’s Mermaid Pilsner with an online friend who is a fan of this blog.

Sorry for forgetting to introduce ourselves. Jackie let me know that I had forgotten about that after I stopped the camera. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed the video, and if you want more drink or even food related Mer-Mondays, let me know.

But it’s my birthday!

P1150979Once again, I survived another full year since I’ve been born! Suck it fate! Seeing as it’s my birthday,  and a useless Sunday, I figured that I might as well post random stuff today… because I can.

I mean… it’s my BIRTHDAY… right?


See?! There was no reason to post this very old image of The Pose Off from back in the old days. Do you know why I did it though? Because I could.

Daryl Hannah and Tom HanksWhen we get older, I think it is common to use the anniversary of our birth’s to remember days gone by. First times, last times, and more importantly… special times.

I just got back from a trip to Rhode Island to visit an online friend. this was a first time for me and that was special too. Today at lunch I ate a pickle in a hamburger that my mother couldn’t finish. That’s hopefully the last time I’ve been given the pickle.


See? I’m just randomly plucking out photos from past articles with no context of why I posted them in the first place. Below are a few more of my favorites for no particular reason.

We all have a lot of regrets in life. One of the biggest ones is typically not doing something. I feel like we owe it to ourselves to fill the short time that we have with as many wild and crazy things/experiences as possible. Go hug an online friend, cosplay for the first time, embrace some weird interest that you are passionate about.

We were born and we will die. Make the best of your time everyone. Be good to everyone, while we are here. See you on Mer-Monday tomorrow! Here’s a sneak peak!


Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers

Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers

The other day I talked with a co-worker about how Capcom really needs to crossover Street Fighter and Darkstalkers in order to bring Darkstalkers more into the spotlight. The next day, I found out that that is exactly what they are almost sort of doing?

sfvsds1_cvrb_blissThat next day I learned that at some point this month, UDON is releasing issue 0 of Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers,  and it will hit with issue #1 (of 8) hitting in April. What makes this even more interesting, is that the first 4 issues will have alternate covers that when put together feature a large image of Demitri’s gender bending attack ‘The Midnight Bliss.’ Since these are variant covers though… good luck finding them for cover price. Hopefully Udon makes these a poster later down the road. aled

Morrigan, drawn by Zoe Crockett

Oh, also there is a fan art cover contest going on there too.

That should be fun… maybe Zoe Crockett/Clue Dog/Smooch, who I have showcased some of her art, interviewed before, and will hopefully soon have some commissioned work from will enter some fan art? Ya never know.

Deadlines for that contest is March 1st.

Mermaid Girl

wonder_woman_vol_1_147I have previously explained that 2 out of DC Comic’s ‘Big 3’ have become merpeople before, with Wonder Woman missing out on the fun. Well, I was sort of wrong about that?

On Earth 124.1, Wonder-Girl had an adventure where she had been turned into a bird-girl, and later a mer-girl in issue 147 in 1967! Crazy!merwonderwomantable
17743Was this the same Wonder Girl that became Wonder Woman? Princess Diana and not Diana Troy? Yes? Sort of? It’s unclear and comics are weird. some sources say that they retconned being created from clay a long time ago and that she did grow up as a child, and then later they un-retconned her… comics are so inconsistent. Example? Wonder Woman’s mother supposedly spliced together scenes of Diana from different ages for home movies… or some crap? So my take on it is that it used to be canon but… isn’t canon?


Mer-Boy was a dude that had a crush on Diana and vice versa. Apparently he later becomes Mer-Man and visits Wonder Woman?

So Wonder Woman, as a child, was briefly a mermaid. I guess this counts, but Batman and Superman were transformed as adults… so it still sucks that we have been denied an adult mermaid Wonder Woman.

Waku Waku 7

Waku Waku 7 is an old fighter that is coming to Nintendo Switch. It was originally made on The Neo Geo, so… Switch is getting Neo Geo games I guess? Anyways, I took a look at some of the female fighters from this game.

Arina is my favorite thus far. Anyways, yay fighting game girls?