Don’t call HIM a mermaid.

I just recently found this image from rinkunokoisurumermaid_suit_get_by_rinkunokoisuru-d5qgjm0 called Mermaid suit get. It’s pretty good, and has partially inspired me to make this week Zelda week… you know, when I am not playing too much Breath of The Wild.

Anyways, this outfit was covered here before:

Sadly, Link does not don a tail, as far as I know, in Breath of The Wild. Maybe Nintendo will make an amiibo of this Link and let us use him in the water so we use our endurance meter less? Yes? No?


Kotaku posts a Porn Star Zelda?

kpt7atvdo3piixta1vjr-croppedMeet Cosplayer Holly Wolf. Her cosplay from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild was shown recently on Kotaku. Now, this image to the left is cropped in order to demonstrate what a lot of the website’s users noted.

Her outfit seems to showcase her nipples very clearly. Now, users point out that the link to her facebook has videos/photos of her topless, thus every photo of her Zelda cosplay having her breasts/nipples visable underneath her outfit was probably no accident.

Awesome. Thanks for the NSFW warning, Kotaku. BTW: the image to the left might be NSFW? Whatever.

After clicking her Facebook, I quickly found her website/shop. On it, she has the following paragraph in her description:


15578737_1329780840397367_5901061068556854879_nHow did Kotaku not post that she was a Playboy Playmate in their description of who she is? Did the author of the post, Luke Plunkett, not realize it? Maybe? Accidents do happen, but I dunno.

Now, I’m not going to argue that Holly is a ‘fake gamer girl,’ but I will say that she like a lot of women are using it, cosplay, and their beauty in a very umm… lucrative way? It’s almost not fair to compair a Playmate with other cosplayers as she is literally a professional model, and her looks are good enough that she’s featured on the cover of magazines even when she is in… well, less than cosplay.

Anyways, I thought it was interesting. Below are some of her  photos from her facebook showing off some of her costumes. Oh… and don’t worry, she’s dressed in the photos below.