Did Nintendo [Dragon] break Zelda?

BreathoftheWildFinalCoverThere was a theory that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild was going to be what is known among Elder Scroll’s fans as a ‘Dragon Break.’ A Dragon Break, FYI, in a nutshell, is when parallel universes merge back into one. Does Breath of The Wild hint that this is what happened?

While Gita Jackson of Kotaku suggests that Breath of The Wild takes place anywhere on the timeline, but IGN suggests it takes place a long time post Wind Waker. All that we know from Nintendo is that this game takes place sometime after Ocarina of time, which is the major break in the timeline.

I do not think that this is the game that breaks Zelda’s dragon. Some fans have already suggested the theory that at some point the timelines merge, but the game never mentions it in the 100 years Link was dead or the 10,000 years when Ganon was defeated by The Divine Beasts.

57547-Zelda_II_-_The_Adventure_of_Link_(USA)-2When would the timelines have merged back together? No clue. It could be in a branch that has never even be explored yet. Which one? The alternate ending from Zelda II when Link dies? Majora’s Mask’s timeline’s alternate and equally horrific endings when the moon destroys termina?

No matter when it happened, if it did, how would it have happened? The Triforce seems to be the best bet, as it allows whoever wields it to make a wish. Why would Ganon want to merge the timelines? Why would Zelda? Why would Link? Hilda? Ravio? Yuga?

TriforcePost beating Ganon in Breath of The Wild, there is no triforce shown or a wish. Now, if Link and Zelda find the triforce after Breath of The Wild and make a wish in say… the next game… that would be cool.

If there was a way to merge the timelines, and it took place after this game, what would the wish be? In this scenario, Zelda and Link would wish for the kingdom to be mended back together. Unexpectedly this merges the universes together, and you now have to deal with unexpected consequences…. such as Gannon’s spirit trying to come back again… maybe like he attempted to in Zelda II?

. . . .  . . . .  . . . .

MidnaOr Midna realized immediately that she made a terrible mistake, wanted to see Link again, and messed everything up in away that fixed everything?

Anyways… this blog post makes me think that the timeline should be merged back together, and we still have no idea how all of this is connected together because… Nintendo.

Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo.


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