Happy 16th Anniversary


I came u[p with this name when I believe I was a Freshman in High School. I never really liked April Fool’s day, and thus decided to do a comic instead of a prank and yeah. I was dumb, and going online by the name SeanSan but ultimately I would use NetSenshi as my handle on  Youtube and when at conventions until I made this website.

Yeah, I’m a huge dork… Happy go Fool Yourself day guys!


Baby Mama Drama sends Man to The Moon?

bumpNew photos dated July 8, 1960 have recently popped up out of nowhere showing deceased actress Marilyn Monroe sporting a previously unknown baby bump. Recent documents have been mostly declassified that imply that JFK was somehow involved with this starletts… condition.

People close to Ms Monroe’s family have spoken about how months before these photos were taken she had seen crazy things, in the skies and out from the corners of her eyes. Once this is combined with the photos after July 8th, her relationship with President Kennedy, and the knewly declassified papers, the entire picture starts to take shape.

etMarilyn Monroe was abducted and impregnated by extraterrestrials, prior to these photos, and had sought council with one of the most powerful people she had access to in order to perform an emergency abortion. The fact that she had an abortion should not change your opinion of Ms Monroe, but she should instead be celebrated as a true patriot, as this was a matter of not just national security, but world wide security.

fullmoon2010On September 12, 1962, Kennedy had made his “Address at Rice University on the Nation’s Space Effort,” explaining to the American people why we had chosen to go to the moon. Former secret service members have anonymously spoken about strange lights similar to the ones that Ms Monroe had seen while they were on duty during this time period. The only plausible way to interpret this data is that he had his sights on the moon because he was afraid that whatever had impregnated Marilyn would come after him to seek sweet vengeance. In other words, baby mama drama got us to the moon.

Unfortunately, Kennedy’s aspirations to get us to the moon to help prevent a retaliation strike on our country for having Mariyn go under the knife took to long. Slightly over a year later on November 22, 1963, JFK was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald, but not exclusively. Many have said that here had to have been another shooter on the grassy knoll unless Oswald was somehow able to bend bullets using magic, which is just ridiculous.

?? Jim Marshall Photography LLC

image-not-foundWhile we are not sure that Kennedy was gunned down by some sort of alien high priest using some sort of technology outside of our understanding, we also aren’t not claiming that that happened, perhaps while they were obscured by some sort of invisibility quilt.

Once again, given the evidence that has only recently been uncovered, there really is no question about how this jigsaw puzzle is put together. Since we already had the corners and now have most of the middle, we can clearly see that the image now shapes up to show us a clear depiction that extra terrestrial abortions happened in our country during the early 1960’s, and our president was murdered just because he helped out a friend.