You will Never Believe How This 95 Year Old Woman Found her perfect mate!

bettywhite1A.K.A. Betty White pregnant at 95?! Sources say that Betty White has not only found a man that is simply out of her world, but she is now expecting!

What is more incredible than this is the how of it all.

The mysterious father to be is apparently a man by the name of Bobby White. Similar name, but that is just a coincidence, right? WRONG!

Betty White’s suitor is more than a distant relative, but in fact Betty White as a man! Bobby comes from a world that is parallel to our own, and at the age of 95 he somehow found himself lost in not just Betty White’s home, but after only just a week, her heart.

While this is all unorthodox, we wish The White’s the best, and can not wait to see their clone’s birth.