Sheva Alomar


Oh Sheva. Maybe it is because I just recently purchased Resident Evil 5 for the 3rd time, but I’ve decided to make this Waifu Wednesday’s… umm… waifu, to be Sheva.

sheva mag cover

Unlike say… Lara Croft, Sheva actually hasn’t graced many video game covers , and that is a shame. She’s awesome. attractive, loyal, etc. I was also sort of pissed that Sheva and Josh were not one of the side stories in RE6.


Some people have, and will, continue to complain about Sheva’s ‘tribal outfit’ that you can unlock and dress her in. Well.. I’m still more upset about her clubbing outfit. Too much gold, and it just looks sort of bad on her.

Sheva’s tribal outfit is on par with a lot of Capcom’s alternate outfits in this series, including RE6’s sexy school girl outfit for Sherry Birkins… who, last time we saw her… was literally a school girl.

Anyways, I will hopefully make some posts before next Wednesday, but in case I don’t… stay classy everyone.


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