Cosplayer tried to assassinate The Green Ranger

Someone dressed up as The Punisher, took photos at Comic Con of police tweeting to a girl that he was going to kill them if they got in the way. Apparently his real target was Jason David Frank. Thankfully, Jason David Frank was NOT at the convention when Mathew Sterling was, as he had to arrive later in the day then what was originally scheduled. Apparently, the attempted murderer can tweet a woman but not check JDF’s twitter updates.

Matthew Sterling has claimed to have stabbed Frank 15 years ago, and wanted to ‘finish the job.’ Thankfully Police were able to apprehend him without incident, which is amazing considering that he was well armed with a shotgun, 3 handguns, lots of ammo, tactical knife, and throwing stars.

Shockingly, Jason David Frank has never been stabbed, especially 15 years ago. Thank goodness that the woman who Mathew Sterling was texting contacted The Police. JDF is a religious man, and he believes that God was looking out for him.

There is a $1 million dollar bail for Sterling.


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