Who Bullies the Bullies?

anita-sarkeesian-screenshot-0Anita Sarkeesian was at this year’s VidCon, and… well… she didn’t like being challenged by someone questioning if she actually believed what she preaches in videos. She then went on to possibly violate VidCon’s harassment policies during a panel on harassment, calling someone who was attending her panel, Sargon Of Akkad, a ‘Garbage Person’ and a ‘Shit Head.’ I guess Anita bullies the bullies? Sargon did not even ask her a question, but was sitting near the front with his entourage. I first learned of this situation from Philip DeFranco’s video on VidCon, which you can find below:

I just learned that Boogie2988 was on this same panel on Harassment, and apparently Anita and Boogie butted heads near the end, and she yelled at him because, once again… Anita does not accept people who challenge her on a philosophical level. Boogie talks about this in this video below. Keep in mind, the two ended up talking to each other immediately afterwords, and they are on okay terms. Apparently though he isn’t a white cys male of privilege because he is bullied for obesity? Awesome… so do I no longer have to check my privileges anymore?

Before I watched that, I had watched Troy Leavitt‘s piece on what Ms Sarkeesian’s legacy will be, which can be found here, you guessed it, below. Also, please note that Troy Leavitte is on the game development side of things.

I feel at this point that this is just a game of tag, because now I go back to DeFranco talking about how Vid Con handled the situation of Sarkeesian v. Sargon:

So, apparently MundaneMatt was one of the people with Sargon at Vid Con.

I just… I can’t. Anita Sarkeesian does not allow people to comment on her videos, so people made videos instead. They had a chance to see and hear her in person, so they did. Of course they did. Why wouldn’t they? She refuses to discuss or debate with anyone from a different philosophy.

So… yeah. Here’s the cyber bullying panel.


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