Why I care not that Zendaya is or isn’t Mary Jane

zendaya-golden-globes-11jan16-03Zendaya is a character named Michelle, and later explains that her friends call her “MJ.” I don’t care that this is an alternate version of Mary Jane Watson, or not. MJ was a character from Peter’s ADULT life. Peter Parker met her in COLLEGE. Gwen Stacey as well. SONY wants Peter in High School for all of his movies, so I’m fine with the lack of a proper Mary Jane Watson. Zendaya is not her, and even if she was supposed to replace her, ultimately she isn’t her.

Upside down kisses, wet dresses or shirts clinging to her body, we had that MJ in Sam Rami’s trilogy. Having even an adult actor play a child and having moments like that… that’s awkward and distracting and honestly, I do not want that in this series of Spider-Man movies.

spiderman-homecomingTom Holland was in Civil War, has Homecoming, 2 more MCU Spider-Man movies, and he’s in the 2 Avengers movies coming up. Even if he gets contractually added to a couple more movies, there isn’t really time to make this Spider-Man have the build up for some of the smaller characters that the original comics had. If it did, MJ would have been hinted in the second movie by Aunt May or her Aunt Anna during graduation, the third movie would have eventually revealed her after Gwen Stacey had died at some point… *sigh* It’s better this way…

… Unless Sony plays ball, the contract is extended for 3 or 4 more Spider-Man movies and hey… maybe we will get a Mary Jane Watson that isn’t refereed to as MJ, or is and Parker thinks it’s a weird coincidence that she has a similar name to Zendaya’s character. Or hey, maybe Peter falls for someone else, who knows!


Frank West is Back!

FrankWestIn Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, Dead Rising’s first protagonist Frank West is back, and his original voice actor T.J Rotolo will be voicing him instead of the recent Dead Rising 4’s voice actor Ty Olsson. Rotolo played Frank West in the previous Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds as well as Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. It should be noted that Peter von Gomm played Frank West in 2008’s Wii game Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite will be out on September 19th, 2017.


What to do once you are bored with LTTP?

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past is an amazing game for the Super Nintendo, and it’s being re-released in September on the SNES classic mini thing that almost no one will actually be able to buy. Well… what do you do once you do beat that phenomenal game? Well, thankfully there are some options, some of which can be done on a Super Nintendo even.

1.) Just dicking around – Exploring and testing scenarios is always fun. There are glitches and easter eggs, and then there is The Magic Powder that can turn things into other things, and not too long ago I discovered something on youtube and I had to do it myself:

Beat The Game Fast – There is a glitch that lets you jump off of a wall after first saving Zelda, save and quitting the game, getting hit, and then walking through walls. You can navigate yourself upwards and easily discover where the triforce is in under 12 minutes easily.

Explore What Happens After Beating The Game Fast!

Explore The World Withing Walls! Using the previously mentioned glitch, you will notice that every single Dungeon is on the same map, and that you can do some pretty wild things that aren’t obtaining the triforce. Like getting out of Hyrule Castle, using Hyrule Castle’s Big Key for anything that needs a big key, etc. Also, you can obtain Quake crazy early just randomly. Exploring and seeing what you can do where is fun.

Play Capcom’s GBA Port – It also has some new features, Link has voice clips, and if you connect with friends using the GBA link cable, you get to play the new Zelda 4 swords adventure. Yes… this is largely still just LTTP with a different aspect ratio. What’s wrong with that?

34381-Legend_of_Zelda,_The_-_A_Link_to_the_Past_(USA)_[Hack_by_Euclid+SePH_v1.0]_(~Legend_of_Zelda,_The_-_Parallel_Worlds)-4Play a Different Game: Hacking a game is time consuming and very different, especially if it is a major graphical overhaul as well with a completely different map. The Legend of Zelda – Parallel Worlds is just that, and if you purchase it on a cartridge, which you should never do, the creator gets no money at all, just the scammer who ‘repro-ed’ it. It’s actually sickening. Seriously, you are not one upping a major company, but are in fact screwing over a fellow fan as well as an indie game developer. All that being said… this hack is quite hard so you may not want to spend $40 on it unless you are using something that does save states.

The_Legend_of_Zelda_Ancient_Stone_TabletsThe Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets – This game is nuts. To explain it, I feel like I have to explain things like that the Super Famicom had a satellite add on from St. Giga, and… okay. So this game is a rom hack of what was made from St. Giga, and it runs on a timer… and you do not play as Link but the boy or girl mascot from St. Giga, and this is set in the canonical time when Link was off doing stuff in the Game Boy game. Random stuff is happening all of the time. This isn’t LTTP as you know it, and that is an amazingly awesome if crazy thing. I wish Nintendo would re-make it.

Replay The Game with CD Quality Audio and Cutscenes – WHAT IS THIS?! I have no idea. This looks and sounds awesome, but I think Nintendo copyright claimed the creators of it… so you might not actually be able to do this… easily… right now.

Item Randomizer – Late last year, a team made a tool that allowed you to randomize all of the items in a rom of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past. They made sure that the game is still completely beatable too.

Co-operative speed running – This one is strange and just came out due to someone modding the SNES9x emulator to allow memory sharing between certain things such as dungeons and key items. Weird stuff happened, and it was enjoyable seeing these people test this hack out.

And there you go! The Legend of Zelda is such a great game, and hopefully the above things can help you enjoy this game even more.

I quit Youtube?

I had grown weary months back when I was doing videos covering fighting games last February. I stopped doing those videos, but I still occasionally posted a few videos. One video I made but never posted suggested that I just… wasn’t feeling it anymore with fighters and games in general. That video is below:

I later put most of my videos to private, and a lot of them are still kept private. Why? Because I’m a fat piece of s*it according to quite a few people who have watched my videos yet never made even one of their own. This got me… also, a lot of the videos that I like to make are sadly just not do-able on youtube, such as Nintendo related videos and Blind reacts to trailers, and I was never going to make any money off of it… so it seemed like I should just hang in the towel.

For some reason, I made two more videos, and I dunno… maybe I’m not quite as done as I thought I was?

The truth about Nintendo and KHIII

There was a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III at D23 Expo, and as awesome as it was… the thing I noticed was that it was coming out on Playstation 4 and Xbox One… but there was no Switch logo? Huh? Here is the video:

The trailer looks BEAUTIFUL. That being said, why isn’t it on Nintendo Switch?

According to one report, Switch is possible but they are focusing on PS4 and Xbox One first… which, let’s be honest… that is a very nice way of saying that it might get the game but most likely not. Maybe a spin off like 3DS got. Maybe.

Remember Street Fighter IV? Capcom said that it could run it on Gameboy, as the gameplay was the only thing that was important… and yet, it never came to Wii or even Wii U. Japanese companies do not want to diss other Japanese companies, but at this point things are becoming obvious to everyone.

Nintendo fans need to understand that their system is doomed to short life spans with no guarantees of your favorite series ever coming out on it. If you are okay with that because at least you are getting some Mario and Metroid love on The Switch, than that’s great for you. I just want to remind you though that there was a time when Xbox used to be kind of a joke for this type of stuff, is more guaranteed to get this type of games. Awesome, right?

I’m sorry, but Nintendo’s philosophy is a self destructive one, and I hope they pay for their hubris.

Why wont classic Final Fantasies come to non Sony consoles?

ff7-steam-screenshot_610x423I’ve been wondering this since Xbox 360. Square could have literally put Final Fantasy on a DVD and re-sold it to Xbox or 360 users. Xenophobia? Than at least let GameCube users. Square Enix and Nintendo didn’t get along back then? Than port it to the Nintendo Wii… or hey, Wii U since Cloud was coming to Smash Bros 3DS.

Final_Fantasy_Fables-_Chocobo's_Dungeon_CoverartPlaystation 3 of course got FFVII as a PS One Classic and it’s ‘HD’ version. Vita got the classic version, Steam got VII but… yeah. The last Final Fantasy Nintendo got was on the virtual consoles, and it was of course the SNES’ FFVI.

Sure, the GBA got some uh… ‘remastered’ versions with better translations and even some bonus dungeons, but if they just re-released their games in collections on any system, I argue that they would have had to of sold better than say… Final Fantasy Chocobo Dungeon… right? Imagine a simple interface that had the NES and SNES versions launching alongside Final Fantasy VII on Wii. That would have sold systems, I believe.

Rydia_in_DamcyanBut hey… the 3DS got remade versions of Final Fantasy III and IV right… that’s… something? Steam got those too though. You know who didn’t? Consoles. What the hell Square Enix? They could have at least ported III and IV to Wii U, as by then DS’s successor was out, and they could use DS style controls on the Wii U’s game pad!

Final-Fantasy-XV-DayOne-Edition-Xbox-OneSquare Enix, to this day, has never released Final Fantasy I to X-2 on an X-Box platform. To be fair, Xbox 360 did receive XI which even bi-passed  using X-Box Live. Square Enix skipped XII but was going strong until XIV which was another online game. They strangely skipped that when PS4 received a version. That might be because Sony doesn’t like having their games play online with Xbox games, which is weird when I believe XI did, even with the PS2 incarnation.

ff-13-1024x506Square Enix giving the cold shoulder to anyone who isn’t Sony might actually be affecting sales of Microsoft and Nintendo products. Square Enix has claimed that they will be trying to port already existing games to Nintendo’s Switch console, and fans have been pledging for that to mean Final Fantasy. Hell, I’d take Kingdom Hearts though considering Kingdom Hearts III is coming to Switch.

Seiken-Densetsu-Collection-Shot-01In Japan, Square Enix made a The Secret of Mana collection. I think Square Enix is treating The Switch differently, largely due to it being a hybrid console that excels at being a handheld. Sony has never shied away from supporting handhelds. Mobile, Vita, 3DS, and more, they make sure those get some love, and I think I know why.

Square Enix loves businessmen. In Japan, it is not uncommon to see people in suits reading manga and playing handhelds while doing their morning train commute. Due to this, The Switch will always be a success in Japan… so… why not support that demographic? I guarantee Square Enix would not be showing this kind of love for the system if it had not been a hybrid. Many developers are upset by Switch’s lack of power, but Square Enix just… gets it. Old companies like them can thrive on the platform while new companies can not unless they are porting relatively simple indie games.

luna.pngI explained Square Enix’s support for Switch to further point that, once again, Square does not support other non traditional Sony consoles. As long as Sony’s Playstation is thriving, they may never fully support one, especially with old titles. With Nintendo’s lack of power, they will probably eventually lose newer Square Enix games while Microsoft might occasionally get… ‘over looked.’

As an Xbox One owner, that sucks. As a PC gamer… it’s okay as Square Enix loves Steam… for some reason. Maybe businessmen play games on their breaks?