Street Fighter All Stars

SFACStreet Fighter Alpha Anthology was an amazing collection for the PS2. It not only had Arcade perfect ports of Street Fighter Alpha 1-3, but it had every single arcade revision playable as well! Also it included Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix and the brand new Hyper Street Fighter Alpha! We have had nothing like this since then, and it’s a shame as they could have done more with Hyper Street Fighter Alpha, as well as having the PSP version of Alpha 3 that included Eagle, Maki, and Ingrid.

super_mario_all_stars___super_mario_world_by_blzofozz-d5k6fno.pngThis article is not really about Street Fighter Alpha Anthology though, but more about how this game is how you should re-release old video games. Imagine if the Wii version of Super Mario All Stars, which honestly is just the SNES rom on a disc, instead included every version of Super Mario 1,2,3 and Lost Levels. For example, The second NES game would include: Doki Doki Panic, SMB2 (NES), All Stars Super Mario 2, and Super Mario Bros. Advanced. Their version of Hyper Street Fighter Alpha could just be something like… Nes Remix styled challenges.

snesgiantIf you are buying 30 year old games without updating them, there really is no reason not to give you every version that they have of it so you are as satisfied as possible. Collections are few and far between these days.


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