How Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Ruined the Flood

Luke TheNotable made a video about how Halo Anniversary’s take on The Flood, and he is absolutely right. Warning, Spoilers if you have not played either the original version of Halo or the 360’s Anniversary version that is also on Xbox One’s Master Chief Collection.

I just beat Anniversary again the other day as I get ready to celebrate Halo 3, and yeah… 343’s art direction in this level was all over the place, and Bungie’s original intent for this level, thematically, was almost completely lost, which is sad. I sort of wish that Master Chief Collection came to PC just so people can mod the graphics just for this one level.

Over all though, Halo Anniversary collection is a great game that thankfully gives you literally, not figuratively, the best of both worlds by allowing you to switch back and forth between the graphics. That is an achievement if you do it on every level.

Wish I would have known about that before jumping into Halo 1.


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