What if Amy Jo Johnson and Jason David Frank aren’t just extras in Saban’s Power Rangers movie?

greenandpink.pngWhile watching the home releases bonus features, there was an earlier cameo of the former Mighty Morphin Power Rangers actors inside while Saban’s Trini and Kimberly are fighting over food. The thing is… they notice them. If this cut part of the scene was supposed to be them as glorified extras, why have them notice the two girls.

pink and green.png

Later, The mysterious man in green and suspicious lady in pink are shown using their phones to take pictures after the Megazord fight. If it is canonical that these two saw the girls doing weird stuff, and they showed up at the scene front and center…  is that a coincidence, or perhaps something more? My theory goes something like this:

Tv show Tommy and Kimberly are searching this alternate Angel Grove for the new Movie Power Rangers, for some reason. They choose not to intervene until after the Movie Rangers have all of their members, suits, and zords because they will either need these rangers help back in TV Power Ranger land, or they have to stop something from TV Power Rangers land from later destroying Movie Angel Grove.

powerrangers-011-lord-drakkon-22-225754-666x1024This theory of mine sounds crazy, except for the fact that Alternate universes were introduced at least when The RPM’s Ranger Red crossed over into Power Rangers Samurai. Also, in the comics, the idea of alternate time lines was explored, so it wouldn’t be a stretch that in another universe, during a different time, these different rangers existed.

I seriously doubt that any of this is true, seeing as how this was a cut cameo to a movie that might not even get a sequel. I seriously doubt that they were intending to play the long con and have The Pink and Green Mighty Morphin Power Rangers show up similar to Samuel L. Jackson at the end of Iron Man. That being said, it could have been awesome, especially if it had ended up being a 3 episode mini series on… whatever Power Ranger show is the current one.


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