Halo 360 is Becoming Backwards Compatible

cortanaIt was announced yesterday that Halo 3, ODST, 4, and Combat Evolved Anniversary will become backwards compatible on Xbox One, with all of the maps becoming free sometime this Summer.

That’s right, no more need to insert other halo games in to play a certain map! Also, what now will become of The Master Chief Collection once we will be able to play Halo 3 via LAN on Xbox One and 360?

halo-5-4K-e1499416682749Oh, also Halo 5 will be 4K on Xbox One X… but… yeah. I really wish they were making an ultimate version of 5 with say… split screen capabilities and LAN. Scorpio Xbox One X is a much more powerful system… so why not do that? That way people buy the system and Halo 5 again, and it can play with Xbox One’s version online and more… bah… I really shouldn’t dream these things.

Cortana5.pngI just really want to be able to explore Halo 5’s maps without paying for Xbox Live… or owning a Windows 10 PC… cause you know, they get a free version of Forge. I haven’t even seen most of 5’s maps because of this. *sigh*



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