Why wont classic Final Fantasies come to non Sony consoles?

ff7-steam-screenshot_610x423I’ve been wondering this since Xbox 360. Square could have literally put Final Fantasy on a DVD and re-sold it to Xbox or 360 users. Xenophobia? Than at least let GameCube users. Square Enix and Nintendo didn’t get along back then? Than port it to the Nintendo Wii… or hey, Wii U since Cloud was coming to Smash Bros 3DS.

Final_Fantasy_Fables-_Chocobo's_Dungeon_CoverartPlaystation 3 of course got FFVII as a PS One Classic and it’s ‘HD’ version. Vita got the classic version, Steam got VII but… yeah. The last Final Fantasy Nintendo got was on the virtual consoles, and it was of course the SNES’ FFVI.

Sure, the GBA got some uh… ‘remastered’ versions with better translations and even some bonus dungeons, but if they just re-released their games in collections on any system, I argue that they would have had to of sold better than say… Final Fantasy Chocobo Dungeon… right? Imagine a simple interface that had the NES and SNES versions launching alongside Final Fantasy VII on Wii. That would have sold systems, I believe.

Rydia_in_DamcyanBut hey… the 3DS got remade versions of Final Fantasy III and IV right… that’s… something? Steam got those too though. You know who didn’t? Consoles. What the hell Square Enix? They could have at least ported III and IV to Wii U, as by then DS’s successor was out, and they could use DS style controls on the Wii U’s game pad!

Final-Fantasy-XV-DayOne-Edition-Xbox-OneSquare Enix, to this day, has never released Final Fantasy I to X-2 on an X-Box platform. To be fair, Xbox 360 did receive XI which even bi-passed  using X-Box Live. Square Enix skipped XII but was going strong until XIV which was another online game. They strangely skipped that when PS4 received a version. That might be because Sony doesn’t like having their games play online with Xbox games, which is weird when I believe XI did, even with the PS2 incarnation.

ff-13-1024x506Square Enix giving the cold shoulder to anyone who isn’t Sony might actually be affecting sales of Microsoft and Nintendo products. Square Enix has claimed that they will be trying to port already existing games to Nintendo’s Switch console, and fans have been pledging for that to mean Final Fantasy. Hell, I’d take Kingdom Hearts though considering Kingdom Hearts III is coming to Switch.

Seiken-Densetsu-Collection-Shot-01In Japan, Square Enix made a The Secret of Mana collection. I think Square Enix is treating The Switch differently, largely due to it being a hybrid console that excels at being a handheld. Sony has never shied away from supporting handhelds. Mobile, Vita, 3DS, and more, they make sure those get some love, and I think I know why.

Square Enix loves businessmen. In Japan, it is not uncommon to see people in suits reading manga and playing handhelds while doing their morning train commute. Due to this, The Switch will always be a success in Japan… so… why not support that demographic? I guarantee Square Enix would not be showing this kind of love for the system if it had not been a hybrid. Many developers are upset by Switch’s lack of power, but Square Enix just… gets it. Old companies like them can thrive on the platform while new companies can not unless they are porting relatively simple indie games.

luna.pngI explained Square Enix’s support for Switch to further point that, once again, Square does not support other non traditional Sony consoles. As long as Sony’s Playstation is thriving, they may never fully support one, especially with old titles. With Nintendo’s lack of power, they will probably eventually lose newer Square Enix games while Microsoft might occasionally get… ‘over looked.’

As an Xbox One owner, that sucks. As a PC gamer… it’s okay as Square Enix loves Steam… for some reason. Maybe businessmen play games on their breaks?


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