The truth about Nintendo and KHIII

There was a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III at D23 Expo, and as awesome as it was… the thing I noticed was that it was coming out on Playstation 4 and Xbox One… but there was no Switch logo? Huh? Here is the video:

The trailer looks BEAUTIFUL. That being said, why isn’t it on Nintendo Switch?

According to one report, Switch is possible but they are focusing on PS4 and Xbox One first… which, let’s be honest… that is a very nice way of saying that it might get the game but most likely not. Maybe a spin off like 3DS got. Maybe.

Remember Street Fighter IV? Capcom said that it could run it on Gameboy, as the gameplay was the only thing that was important… and yet, it never came to Wii or even Wii U. Japanese companies do not want to diss other Japanese companies, but at this point things are becoming obvious to everyone.

Nintendo fans need to understand that their system is doomed to short life spans with no guarantees of your favorite series ever coming out on it. If you are okay with that because at least you are getting some Mario and Metroid love on The Switch, than that’s great for you. I just want to remind you though that there was a time when Xbox used to be kind of a joke for this type of stuff, is more guaranteed to get this type of games. Awesome, right?

I’m sorry, but Nintendo’s philosophy is a self destructive one, and I hope they pay for their hubris.


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