OH! That’s why Chrono Trigger was not on the SNES Classic!

Old school Square Soft fans love Chrono Trigger, and were shocked when the SNES Classic had titles like Final Fantasy VI and Secret of Mana on it instead of possibly one of the best JRPG’s ever. Well, on February 27th… Square Enix surprised everyone by dropping Chrono Trigger on to Steam for PC for $15!

My roommate bought this game for me, and.. *sigh* This is the best you could do, Square? It’s the Playstation One version with anime cut scenes like what was later ported to DS for way too much money instead of Wii virtual console, at and… *sigh*

It’s the mobile version, and it really doesn’t look great. I’ll play this version, but keep my Wii’s SNES version that has Frog speaking Shakespearean English as well.

Secret of Mana got a 3D remake that some people say ruined it. Guess that’s just Square Enix’s M.O. these days, as the other SNES JRPG’s they released on PC via Steam, Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI, were also best described that way as well.

Here is looking forward to Final Fantasy VII Remake?

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