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Apparently, Austin used to have a place called Mermaids? And last month Rooster Teeth had a conversation about it that was animated? Huh.

How did I never know about this business? I wonder how much it was, as well as if photos were allowed? Could I just hang out and talk to them about mermaids while it is recorded? That would be wild…

okay… Mermaids was probably just a brothel. I have to just admit that right now. *sigh*

stolen mermaid tailMermaid Kariel from Oahu, HI,  recently had her $11,000 tail stolen. She used it to perform for children, so it’s not just the loss of a hobby but her source of income.

“There’s been thousands of kids that have enjoyed this. What I give to them is my character and today I woke up and had to scramble and figure out how I was going to see those kids today,”

For more on this story:

What is really weird about this, is that those tails are custom fit typically. For example, actress Daryl Hannah in Splash, her tail would not fit Amy Yasbeck in Splash, Too and they ended up having to make Yasbeck a brand new one.

arielflounderpencilheadsIn art news, Kittyhawk’s commission that she is doing for me is well underway, as last night she streamed the pencils over on her site. Unfortunately, without re-uploading her video elsewhere, I can not really share it without posting just a link to it:!t9sRADrR!NEtBVnumWQ0u_JfESYeCRw

When Kittyhawk finishes the piece, I will share the full version of it here, of course.

I’m out of here, Happy Mer-Monday everyone!


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