Poisonous Throwback Thursday

transitionI will never be the cosplayer I expected myself to be, sadly. I just… don’t have it in me. My first cosplay was one that I really loved doing, The Poison Mushroom from Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels.

Not only is this my first cosplay, but I honestly would not have met one of my best friends if not for this one, Marzgurl, as I remember first posting about it on Kamikaze con’s message board, and then her introducing herself to me at the convention.

Let’s take a look at this costume through the couple of years it was in active rotation.

I do want to point out one thing about the last picture. It was at O-Chibi-con in… 2006 maybe? I was only there for a day. Some of the people in this photo, I really expected to be life long friends. Bottom right? That’s a buddy of mine from High School, Blake. That guy was pretty cool, and we went to some of our early anime conventions together. I haven’t spoken to him in years. The only person left is Kaylyn, and that’s a little sad to me.

There was also a variant I did of The 1-Up Mushroom! Less popular, but I found it fun.

I even got a friend to cosplay as 1-up as I went as a cosplay from SNK… that being said, the thing about life is that you never get to hang out with people as much as you would like, and so true is cosplay… I wish I had cosplayed 1-up more and hung out with my friends more.

Maybe one day I will cosplay these magnificent bastards again, and who knows… maybe I will get my fungi army this time around. Probably not though.


Bowser’s a bad bitch

25120480742_1a7a0a80cb_zHappy Transformation Tuesday? Sorry for the lack of updates. Did I ever tell you about the time that I walked into a TG mario fanfic in the making, with a me playing Mario?

2016 MAGFest was a blast. I could have sworn that I had shared this picture, but I could not find it on here, so… yeah… and hey, how about some close ups of Bowser?

Bowser’s a bad bitch. Anyways, off to work!

My Waifu, myself.

I recently got this commissioned piece from web comic artist Kittyhawk of a character named Evelyn, who is in essence a gender bent version of myself. Kittyhawk’s incarnation is not the first or even the second artist to do this, but the 4th… but maybe the 4th time is the charm?

However, I’ve drawn myself a… few times, myself. Here is one of me and a friend that has never made it to the internet. bum bum bum!

evan and me rule 63

It was when me and him were doing a website that we were calling Fun With Mirrors. Anyways, I thought I’d share it now since I recently scanned it… a second ago.

sixty_three_by_netsenshi-dc8df7hAnyways, I hope everyone is having a fun Waifu-Wednesday… I’m out… err, of here. As in I’m just leaving. to go to work…

Here are more drawings of Evelyn?

Evelyn, my muse

A commission from Kittyhawk that is not a Mohawk-ed mermaid? WHA?! Who is Evelyn?!
netsenshi_evelyn SMALLhttps://netsenshi.deviantart.com/art/Evelyn-the-muse-Kittyhawk-745941782

Evelyn is me? Sort of? Evelyn is my favorite name for a woman, and thus any time I need a gender bent version of myself, that’s the name I give her in my head because I really wouldn’t want the name Shawna, and Seana or Seanna… I don’t think are correct… grammatically? I could be wrong on that though?

Kittyhawk, from the webcomic SGVY.com, once again drew this piece for me. The hair style was mostly her decision, but I wanted my glasses and my favorite hoodie in there, but she added a dress that I thought looked like Marilyn Monroe’s, as well as pink high heels.

senshi_by_cluedog-dbr2219I always thought of Evelyn as a tom-boy-ish incarnation… but when people feminize me, they tend to commit to the new sex/gender, as my previous commission from Cluedog was also wearing some definitely female clothes.

For people who somehow have never seen Kittyhawk’s previous commission, there they are below. Expect one more mermaid-flounder to appear soon-ish?

Do we want some more?

mlp g1 lickity-split animated ponyI’m weird, I like cartoons that are drawn well. Now, Adventure time, for example, pretty good show but it isn’t visually impressive, but it has it’s own style. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic uses Flash and while it does the job well enough, it isn’t as well drawn as the first incarnation of My Little Pony, so it was a challenge to get into it at first. I feel like this is important to mention, before I talk about the internet’s latest outrage: ThunderCats Roar.

*sigh* This might be fun? I spent most of my day thinking that it was going to look like Teen Titans Go!

TCATS_GroupShot_01.05.11_v3 whip patch_Pencil_line_CLEANAs fun as it could be though… why ThunderCats? Why now? Why Television? Why again?  People were either wanting the 2011 re-boot to be revived like DC comic’s Young Justice is about to be, or they wanted a movie perhaps, but this?

Reboot’s can be great! Alvin & The Chipmunk’s of my youth was a reboot, Sailor Moon Crystal is a great reboot, The Real Adventure’s of Johnny Quest? Reboots can be better than the original show!

Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, and ironically ReBoot. Shows have been rebooted and re-imagined a lot lately. I’m growing tired of it, and you know what? I’m just not feeling it right now? Not with that art style that is just inferior to the original intent of an action show.

She-ra Princess of Power.gif

Surprisingly though? I am sort of feeling a She-Ra: Princess of Power reboot. I’m not trying to channel today’s liberalism, #metoo movement, feminism, throwback to how awesome Buffy The Vampire Slayer is, or anything like that. Legitimately, She-Ra has never been rebooted, and just from this promotional image, it looks like a cool cartoon.

That’s seriously the most important part of a cartoon is look like something I want to watch. It is… after all… a visual medium, ya know? And here’s the amazing thing! She-Ra, is being done on NETFLIX, and is being made by DreamWorks who was behind The Voltron reboot that is surprisingly really great!

she-ra pencil earlyThis image was leaked a while back, supposedly from this show, and it looks kind of awesome? I’m imagining something that looks like The Legend of Korra mixed with Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki… which is a web comic that you probably aren’t aware of?

What’s crazy is that… okay… so She-Ra was a spin-off of He-Man, in order to sell dolls to girls, right? I think she was on a different planet than him, but she was his twin sister. He-Man?

Failed reboot due to bad toy sales from bad toys. Same thing for ThunderCats 2011, and even Young Justice originally. Dreamwork’s Netflix’s Voltron? Successful show and toy sales. If they do the same for She-Ra? Awesome. I feel like animated shows can really thrive on Netflix but maybe not anymore on Cartoon Network… which is weird and sad at the same time.

With Adventure Time being over and Steven Universe maybe coming to an end, I feel like ThunderCats Roar will fill into those spots? It might work, but I honestly feel like She-Ra’s going to do better.

Meanwhile… SCREW ReBOOT’s reboot!  and those are my three cents on this whole matter. Sorry if I’m a little extra on this subject. Inflation.