Solomon Grundy wants throwbacks too!

Solomon Grundy wants Photo TOO!Since I just got back from A-Kon 29, I felt that it was appropriate to throwback to a cosplay I wore at A-Kon 22! Solomon Grundy from The Legion of Doom!

So this is weird to admit, but I have never cosplayed as a character from an anime at an anime convention. Video game and comic characters, definitely, but never an anime character.

Huh… I wonder why that is.


Cosplay from A-Kon 29

DSCN0165“You do not go to A-Kon for the panels. You go for the cosplay.”
-A cute Cosplayer, A-Kon 2018

The picture to the left is a random one that I took, that I feel needs a caption that I am not witty enough to give. A-Kon 29, the Terribly Awesome convention in Fortworth, Tx, is over… and yet I am just now starting to post my pictures…. in other words, guess who started using burst mode on his new camera!

Below are some of my favorite cosplay photos I took from A-Kon 29, with their album listed below that.

While I’m still going over and editing photos, here is the album I put on my flickr: