Rumiko Takahashi wins Eisner!

rumiko takahashiRumiko Takahashi just won the judges award for the Will Eisner Hall of Fame!

Let this sink in. Rumiko Takahashi sits alongside the greats now, such as Stan Lee (most of Marvel Comics), H. G. Peter (Wonder Woman), George Pérez (Comic book legend from both Marvel/DC), Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns), and Hayao Miyazaki (My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away)


This is just… gah…. so amazing. Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikoku, Ranma 1/2… there are just… so many! INUYASHA!!!

For more of the 2018 winners… go here:



I Leave for Japan on August 4th!

Which means that I will be there August 5th? 10 days in Japan! Hiroshima, Tokyo, Kyoto! The trip should be really fun! I thought it would be cool to look at some of the collages that I made from my 2010 trip that are currently in my photo album!



Near Hostel in Tokyo




Also, here are some videos.

And now… to finish getting ready for my trip.


Animation crew the musical?

I was first made aware of Boyinaband via people sharing one of his videos on youtube about how he hadn’t learned certain real life things in school… that was interesting. He’s friends with Jaiden Animations, as well as TheOdd1sOut, and here are two music videos that were made in collaboration with those two.

Pretty cool videos! Jaiden’s deals with her own personal experiences, while Jame’s (TheOdd1sOut) is the polar opposite almost!

I really want my new Youtube Channel to thrive…

Here is my latest video blog about Japan. I really want my channel to succeed, so if people can give me suggestions, please do. The other couple of episodes haven’t done too well, and these take a while to make even though they aren’t animated.

One of the reasons that I quit my old channel, which can be found here. was because of harassment about my weight, which is why I’m mostly using drawings and old photos in these. Also, my young nephew found my old one, and I got self conscious about the content on it. Also, like a decade of videos that never quite hit their stride.

Below is the first video blog about my previous Japan trip:

The first video blog uses slightly different art and isn’t about Japan at all… still worth I watch though as it has an important message!

I’m highly inspired by the work of the great animators on Youtube who tell their stories such as Jaiden AnimationsTheOdd1sOut, and even SWooZie.

Frog50’s take on Flounder

Is she floating up in water towards the surface, or is she going through the air and into the Northern Lights? Either way, it looks awesome.


This was made because I had won Frog50’s patreon raffle, the same one that has also allowed me to make youtube videos such as this one, as well as my next ne:

Here’s the sped up video I already posted on Sunday of Flounder being created:

Here’s hoping that Flounder’s adventures continue to both the future, and with a vartiety of other artists in the future. Happy Mer-Monday everyone!

Sunday may not be that useless

I used to think that Sunday was a sham, what with places closing early… but I was wrong. Apparently it’s a day reserved for my cat Juno to have kitties?!

Meanwhile my buddy Frog50 finished his mermaid Flounder illustration for me! I couldn’t wait until Mer-Monday to post it, sorry not sorry?

Here’s a video of it:

And now… I wait until I go to work at 10pm… le *sigh* Expect a video blog this week about Japan.

I’m going to Japan

Sunday was so worthless, I stayed inside most of it and worked on this video blog about how I’m going to Japan in August, and all about my trip in 2010.

Please note that this was done under my new YouTube channel: Kerfuffle 226 which has a twitter handle: although you can still use my NetSenshi one here:

Special thanks to Frog 50 for doing such an awesome job helping me make some avatar stuff for my videos. I won his Patreon raffle, and he agreed to do that instead of the 1 second of animation, which was great! Here’s his latest animation!