::Cough:: Sunday ::Cough::

Today is Sunday… which seems as good of a time as any to announce my new YouTube channel Kerfuffle 226 which now has to videos public. The first one was a speed drawing but the second one, the more important one, is a video about bullies! Wait… what?

So, due to a raffle on my friend Frog 50’s patreon, who is a freelance animator, I might be having a video with some drawings from him in the near future? Fingers crossed.

pearlSo what else is there to see on this useless day? How about ALL OF STEVEN UNIVERSE BEFORE THE NEW EPISODE AIRS TOMORROW! Seriously though… “Now We’re Only Falling Apart” airs on Monday, July 2nd. Go catch up, for your own sake. I own it all on Vudu… but who knows when I will get the next episode since they do it 2 episodes at a time… that being said, I’m still re-watching ‘A Single Pale Rose.’

pinkie pie its hotIt’s hot right now. There is a heatwave all over the country, and rain wont come to where I live by mid-week. FFFfffff…. awesome. So… maybe go to the pool today vs. going out on a bike ride?

Steam Summer sale is still going on… you can buy a whole lot of games until it ends on July 5th… that’s something, right?

banner_yuukiI interviewed the creator of the web comic SGVY… you could always read that comic… in all of it’s entirety. Yep. Just avoid the outside all together everyone. Allergies are bad in my area due to Saharan dust coming in on the wind… and look… if you ::cough:: ::cough:: just can’t make it to church, work, or whatever… people will understand… right?

Riverdale Season 2, Glow Season 2, Luke Cage Season 2, New episodes of Super Girl, there is so much on Netflix to catch up on! Who needs ::cough:: the outside! Am I ::cough:: right?