Malachite’s voice actor has passed away

KunziteAnimeKunzite, Malachite in the DiC Sailor Moon Dub, was an interesting character. They wrote him and the character Zoicite to be lovers in the Japanese dub. This was kept the North American version, but his male love was changed into a woman by DiC.

He was originally played, in North America, by Denis Akiyama, who passed away on June 28, 2018 in Toronto. Akiyama was also in Pixels, but come on… he will always be Malachite to me.


Hilda in Ultimate Super Smash Bros.?

Hilda_ScreenshotWith Echo fighters being officially a thing in Smash Bros, the question becomes… how many more will there be? With Daisy being Peaches clone, and the version of Zelda that they are using being the one from A Link Between Worlds… it would make sense to include Hilda, her Low-Rule counterpart being included  makes as much sense as Dark Pit… just saying. At the very least, I expect Zelda to have Hilda’s color pallet in the next game.