Once Upon a Deadpool

happydeadpool1I have literally protested seeing Deadpool movies in the past… so why am I SO excited about the thought of re-releasing Deadpool 2 in Theater this December?

Because Disney isn’t giving us a Star War, so once again Uncle Ryan Reynolds has to drop a load in our stockings with a re-gifted Deadpool movie. God bless that man!

once-upon-a-deadpool-m4duaSo.. what is this re-issue? Well… Once Upon a Deadpool is a PG-13 edit with SOME additional story stuff thrown in, told around Christmas time to a kidnapped Fred Savage… oh, and $1 from each ticket goes to the Fuck Cancer campaign… which I guess is being re-branded as Fudge Cancer for this endeavor?

I personally believe that every R-rated movie should get this treatment. Imagine The Dark Knight re-told to a Robin in a way where… wait… that movie WAS PG-13? The Fuh? Lack of blood and no bad words was why? Okay…

December 12-24th… Once Upon a Deadpool… help people with cancer too… go do this?