Halo and Xbox are now 17?!

HalocombatevolvedcortanamasterchiefHalo Combat Evolved and The X-Box turned 17… yesterday. Oopse. I checked reddit and Kotaku, and I didn’t see ANYTHING until after work. Awesome. So… what are my memories of X-Box? I owned one briefly.

I used it to store my music and thought that it was super nifty to listen to music while playing video games. The controller was terrible, but it was the only place that I could play SNK vs. Capcom Chaos. Seriously… that game did not even become backwards compatible for Xbox 360 and as of right now… still not available on Xbox One or anywhere else. All of that being said… I still sold the system that I got for free  from working at GameStop.


That’s right. I worked at GameStop, received the demo unit we had when we were getting rid of it around the time of the 360 I suppose, and yeah… it was just okay?

Halo: Combat Evolved? I had friends who played it, and I just wasn’t into the multiplayer at first. My ASM at GameStop had to escort me through the game in campaign mode, and yeah… I loved it. To me, Halo is campaign mode and then multiplayer.

Dead_or_Alive_UltimateCombat Evolved and Halo, in general, is the only FPS game and series that I really love and follow. The Duke controller was terrible and turned me off, and the smaller controller was better, but X-Box’s D-pad it terrible for fighting games.

I feel bad for the original X-Box. It went up against PS2 and The Gamecube… Final Fantasy X, Super Smash bros. Melee, Resident Evil 4, Jak and Daxter, etc… I just wasn’t the kind of gamer then that would have enjoyed games like Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic, Doom 3, and Ninja Gaiden Black.

Dead or Alive Ultimate was fun? I played it more on X-Box 360 though. The X-box 360 had the games that should have been on X-Box original as well as X-Box One. Sorry not sorry. Great hardware though.