Next month will be poetry month!

Some friends and I had an impromptus poetry hour last night where we dramatically read some of our favorite poetry as well as some of our own, and it was a lot of fun… so expect next month to be largely devoted to poetry! Some of it will be good, some wont be… but I hope it will be fun?

About being a former Amazonian

Amazon1I worked at an Amazon Fulfillment center roughly 4-5 years ago for the holidays making $10/hr for 3-5 hours a day. I remember them explaining how co-workers complaining about this or that, and one of the things was the pay. $10 an hour was better than I was making at a grocery store after 3 or 4 years of service at the time, so I was baffled.

On a regular day, you go in through a metal detector before your shift, making sure that you do not have you cell phone on you and that you aren’t stealing, and then after clocking in via Kronos and checking what you are doing that day, you head over for your scanners as well as announcements/stretching.

One of the positions is grabbing boxes off of a conveyor belt, scan the box, find the pallet it goes on, scan the floor where the pallet is, place it on it, and repeat. Supervisors would watch you, and if you were going slow, they would tell you that they had been watching you, and that you need to speed up. That sucks. I would pray to not have to do a job that uses a scanner.

In the all concrete building, with high security, constantly being monitored, having to take your break at a certain time, etc. It kind of felt like how I could imagine jail would feel… although, if you worked hard enough during Christmas time you might end up winning a free TV!

While all of that sucks… I’ve been treated similarly. I work at a grocery store. I’ve had managers call me on my phone on my register, and say ‘You’re in the red. Why are you not scanning more items in a minute? You need to speed things up, as you shouldn’t have that many people in your line.’ We have a heat sensor that tells how many people are in a line, btw.

A different job I held  in 2010 was over the phone tech support for AT&T U-verse. Phone calls were supposed to only last so many minutes, and you would be reprimanded for habitually going over. Also, there would be times when you would immediately go from one call to the next. Also, you had to dial a number into your phone to go to the bathroom, and dial back in… only have so many minutes per day for bathroom breaks.

The Young Turks talk about an Amazon employee talking about their working conditions, and yeah… it sucks? But… I mean… this isn’t new?

*sigh* I don’t know what to say. Does it suck? Yeah? …. …. that’s why I only worked there for the holiday?

I just want to play as Bulma

Dragon Ball Evolution BulmaDragon Ball Evolution was a bad movie that got actually a pretty descent Budokai-like fighting game on PSP that I’ve never been able to play. You could play as Bulma and Chi-chi, and I hear that Yamcha uses a drill? That is about all I know about the game… and I wish I could play it just so I can play as Bulma and Chi-Chi.

Since Dragon Ball Z Budokai 1 on PS2… I’ve wanted to play as Bulma. I know that she is not a fighter… but come on. We have Mr. Satan in Budokai, which to be fair… he does basic martial arts… but Videl is in those games, as well as Dragon Ball Fighter Z. Maybe they could put her into an anime mech suit or something? She is a genius, after all! Heck.. they did it to a Power Ranger in the new comic/game.dragon armor trini power rangersApparently, in Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3, Bulma is hidden in the files in some form or fashion? You can also mod Videl apparently to have her model instead.

Bulma mech suitIn Tenkaichi, you could literally play as a dude in a devil costume, Grandpa Gohan, etc. Lord, just give me Bulma in a mech suit. different colors could have her in the cockapit wearing different outfits… lord knows she has enough alternate outfits! PLEASE!

Also… Chi-Chi and Launch would be nice in a game, but Bulma deserves it more!


Millenials are killing Yaoi?!

ainokusabiThis article might be a little bit NSFW, but I was in charge of badge checking at Louisianime 2019 this weekend for voice actor/director Brittany Lauda and fellow voice actor Matt Shipman’s LGBT in Anime panel, and some things there were said that really bothered me.

Apparently in 2017, Media Blasters dubbed the yaoi anime Ai no Kusabi. Brittany and Matt kept going on and on about how it was the first yaoi to be adapter in English, and how proud they were of it… especially seeing as how Media Blasters was not sure if it was going to be successful or not. Apparently this 4 episode show was popular, and some more yaoi titles have started to come to the West… but the whole idea that this was a ‘new’ thing just did not sit well with me.

GravitationI got up from my chair, and said “I haven’t seen your show, but what about Gravitation? That came out in the early 2000’s.”

They hadn’t seen Gravitation. According to their understanding, Gravitation was more into boy’s love, and different from their show. They then tangent-ed about how some older shows didn’t count because they had one or two gay characters here and there, and that once again… their show is different because… I guess all of their characters are gay? What a narrow world view.

Gravitation is a show about a young rock star falling in love with a cold romance novelist. The main character tries very difficult to make the novelist fall in love with him even more, despite the fact that the novelist already does. Spoiler warning, the main character even gets traumatically raped by a bunch of dudes! This show is really gay, and involves some serious topics even. WTF?

Also, Boy’s Love? Anime News Network describes their show thusly: “The four-episode remake series adapts Rieko Yoshihara’s boys-love novels.” Their own show is defined as a ‘boy’s love’ show.

Gravitation 2I described the panel to a fellow volunteer who’s been going to conventions for quite a few years like this: ‘She claims that they are the first to dub a yaoi anime into English.’ and he said ‘Which one? Gravitation or something?

Okay, okay, so maybe I should check with some more of my friends later… after all, I was staff and I didn’t want to be very rude at their panel… especially over a topic that I am not 100% knowledgeable about.

I asked a webcomic artist’s chatroom, and they very much disagreed with the statement. Maybe if they had said that Ai no Kusabi was the first mainstream yaoi show it could be over looked… but once again… Gravitation… but maybe they meant something more serious?

Kizuna and Kizuna 2 were dubbed in 1994 and 1995. It’s about gay romance, kendo, yakuza… and from what I’ve seen from the parts I skimmed through while watching it on youtube for this article… it’s really gay.

The actor who plays the main character in Kisuna, Kei Enjoji, is Dan Green who much later went on to play characters such as Yugi Muto (Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions), Knuckles the Echidna (Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing), and Leonardo (Turtles Forever).

Seeing as Brittany Lauda was born in 1993, I guess she was not aware of this yaoi gem from when she was 1 years old? Matt Shipman born a year before her in 1992… so… *sigh*

Why do Millennials think that they are the gayest people around? Also, we did not invent everything, and maybe we should just get over ourselves?

Congrats on getting 4 episode long yaoi dubbed into English and it being well received though, as that is a great feat unto itself?

That’s All I’ve Got To Say about The Orville!

I just finally watched the episode before last of The Orville… season 2 episode 11.

In this episode, there is a story about a phone in a time capsule, and one of the crew members uses it to make a simulation of the girl who owned the phone. Turns out the girl performs music… and she performs a cover to a song that I was not expecting… below is the full version that isn’t exactly in the show…

That’s All I’ve Got To Say from The Last Unicorn. Wow. I got misty eyed during this!

For comparison, here is the original version.

Dragun Balluh what now?

vegita shockedFunimation kind of sucks when it comes to Dragon Ball Z. Outside of a couple used DVD’s and VHS tapes I bought in my late teens and maybe early 20’s, I have never purchased a Dragon Ball Z home release outside of some movies a long time ago. Every time I turn around, there’s another new release… some of these things can not be helped, such Dragon Ball Kai being a thing, but *sigh* I just never knew what to buy!

Different dubs, different voice actors, censored TV versions, croppings, etc. I was finally going to start collecting a version of it, when they announced the super limited 30th anniversary HD edition version that was limited to 3000, but then changed to 6000. It has a stupid unpainted Goku statue, an art book, and costs $350.

Bulma Gohan KrillinThe $350 collection is controversial as there are cropping and filter concerns that appear to be making the image smaller and the finer details looking less detailed.

I can’t help but feel like Funimation has been milking Dragon Ball Z far too much with all of these different versions. That plus Funimation adding fuel to the bonfire of the  #KickVic movement… just *sigh* Funimation really should have gone with their gut instinct when they had their first investigation of Vic Mignogna and just not used him as Brolly.

krillinI think the movement would have still happened, but it wouldn’t be as Dragon Ball related… then again though, maybe Funimation still would have screwed up and said that they did not use Vic because of the investigation. Who knows?

I may never own Dragon Ball Z. I want to… but I just… I have no idea what to get and when I should have bought it, as there are so many versions that are just… eh?

I Thanos snapped my video games away?

Zelda ocarina of time mangaFor (at least) the second time in my life, I’ve purged myself of most of my video games. Almost all of my GC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and Wii U games netted me over $170 in Gamestop store credit. True, I put that into gift cards from Subway, Xbox, Steam, and Taco Bell… but it was the right decision.

I would have bought an Amazon gift card, but sadly… Amazon cards can not be bought by store credit. The women behind the counter tried to do it by turning the store credit into a GameStop Gift Card… and still… nothing. So now I can eat and buy a few digital games on PC and Xbox One… which I’m keeping as my Blu Ray player.

Eventually, maybe I will get rid of my NES, SNES, Super Famicom, PSX, PS2, Dreamcast, and Sega Saturn… I swear to god, I got rid of most of my physical games O_O … most being at least 50%…

OH MY GOD! WITHOUT MY copy of The Legend of Zelda Collector’s Edition, I have no way of playing Ocarina of Time! Oh wait… 3DS… Whew… that was a close one.

twilight princessI’m not happy… not all of the time. My games collect dust in a box in my garage, not even properly displayed so they can peer over my should and judge me for not playing them.

My roommate got rid of all of his games years ago. Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, DS, and a crap ton of PC games that he literally threw away. He also got rid of his DVDs. He too wasn’t happy. He seems happier now.

Tips_Tricks_Volume_IV_Issue_1_1997-01_LFP_USI want to note that GameStop, outside of selling every single game independently, was my best option out of three. I first tried Half Priced Books, who after over an hour and a half told me that all of the games that I brought in, some DVD and Blu Rays that were not open, and a crap ton of magazines and some books would only net me $130. Gamestop would have given me a little under that for just MOST of my games alone. Cash America Pawn? they would have given me $1 for each of my Xbox 360 games, and looked at me weird with my cube collection.

mario kart double dashOH MY GOD I SOLD Mario Kart Double Dash!

It doesn’t matter though… because the friends that I played that game with were from over a decade ago, and re-buying it didn’t re-buy that experience for me.

It was the right time to sell, as each game got me an additional 50% in store credit. I’d have received more if I had subscribed to their magazine, but I would have still had to pay $3 of the store credit to get their magazine for a year. Nope.

Switch_SuperSmashBrosUltimate_illustration_02OH MY GOD! SMASH BROS! Melee, Brawl, and Wii U! What did I do?! NOOOooo… doesn’t matter. I still own my physical consoles, and there are a lot of games downloaded that I can still play… and… ouch.

BUT I WASN’T PLAYING THEM! The idea that I would be a grandfather someday and some kiddo would find my games in a trunk in the attic and become engrossed in them like I once was… I might never have that… so things are fine. They are fine.

I would like to point out that I got the most money for my Gamecube games… still there was a trade bonus. I’m still gaming a little… and there’s some hope for the future.


I bought Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite in 2019

Marvel vs Capcom InfiniteI bought Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite on Xbox One. I did it because I had a crap ton of store credit and it was relatively inexpensive during the spring sale Microsoft was having. Thus far… I’m liking it, even though I think the end boss is difficult to beat even though it takes a while to die, and that the story mode doesn’t look great. that being said…

jedahJEDAH AND FIREBRAND! Oh Man! Please god, let there be another Darkstalkers game, and hey… include Firebrand from Ghouls and Goblins while you’re at it!

Morrigan is also there, but the previous installments included Hsien-ko, Felicia, B.B. Hood, and Anakaris…

Can we please get another Darkstalkers, or Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers at least?


I think I’m about done.

Sean Halo broCOLORThe happiest days in my life was when I worked at a GameStop with my friends, saw movies with them, and played Halo with them on the weekend… when there wasn’t a D&D campaign going on, of course. People got married, had kids, joined the military, moved, moved back, had another kid, etc… and eventually they all just drifted apart from me it seems.

mvc2sortofrosterMost of us quit GameStop when Halo 3 came out, and man… that felt like the height of Halo, huh?

Around that time or maybe just before it, I was also in college, playing my PS2… mostly fighting games with friends who I would go to anime conventions with, and *sigh*

Link Captain NAll of this is to say… I think I’m mostly done with collecting video games, and video game stuff. I have Steam, I have my X-Box One which has games digitally… and yeah. I think I’m getting rid of most of my physical games tomorrow. At least from Gamecube on up except for a couple here and there.

I dunno. I’m going through… something I guess?

Married With Children

I really loved Married With Children. I get that in 2019 that the themes of this show are considered ‘controversial,’ but you know what? They were controversial in 1987. *sigh* I could go into a whole essay about why this show was what it was, but I just… *sigh* Is it okay if I just wear a No Ma’am shirt as a cosplay at a convention? Please? Happy Throwback Thursday everyone.